Very Good Experience

Maxine Stuttard mercredi 5 juin 2019

This was our first experience of renting an RV in America and it went very smoothly on the whole. It was a shame that El Monte wanted 250 extra dollars for the 'comfort' package - rental of kitchen equipment and bedding etc. We went to the local supermarket and bought what we needed (granted there were only 2 of us and we weren't fussy about quality etc) for 50 dollars and then gave it all to a charity shop at the end of the holiday. The RV was extremely comfortable for 2 people and would be ok for 4 adults or a small family.

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VR USA le 5 juin 2019
Good day Maxine !

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey and for sharing a nice resume of your experience!

Looking forward to working with you next time!